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The Raven Development Team

Primary Author / Benevolent Dictator
James Craig, Ph.D., P.Eng., jrcraig@uwaterloo.ca

Primary Contributors
Rob Chlumsky (Lead RavenR developer, Forum support)
Wayne Jenkinson, IJC [formerly NRC-OCRE] (Development Planning; Benchmarking; UBCWM Emulation)
Georg Jost, BC Hydro (Planning; Radiation Restructuring)
Juliane Mai (Gridded data support; Mac compilation)
Leland Scantlebury, (groundwater-surface water interaction; MODFLOW-USG integration, Hydroglyph)
Martin Serrer, NRC-OCRE (Linux port; code optimization; I/O management)
Nicholas Sgro, (model diagnostics, gridded data support, time step auditing)
Andrew P. Snowdon, (Many process routines; iterative global algorithms; groundwater)
Bryan A. Tolson (Ideas and recommendations)

Other Development Team Members:
Nandita Basu (Reservoir and vegetation growth input)
Genevieve Brown (Solar radiation)
Ayman Kheydr (Custom output; Pedotransfer functions)
Ming Han (Crop growth development; mega-regional modelling)
Susan Huang (Routing benchmarking, Input QA routines)
Konhee Lee (improved signature diagnostics; USACE/GAWSER snow models; reservoir management support)
Stuart Pearson (Time series utilities)
Mahyar Shafii (added process routines; reservoirs)
Graham Stonebridge (Evapotranspiration benchmarking)
Sylvie Spraakman (Technical documentation)
Connor Werstuck (Translation utilities)
Cloud Zhang (GIS utilities)
Nicholas Zorn (Code documentation; Doxygen port)

If you would like to be part of the Raven Development team, please contact James Craig. We welcome contributions in the form of additions, modifications, and revisions to the code, which will be vetted by the Raven development team before integration into the release version.

Suggestions, comments, and requests for limited technical support welcomed. But first, use the forum!


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