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Raven Utilities and Support Tools

RavenR R library

(by R. Chlumsky) (updated Nov 2020)
A suite of R functions that can be used for viewing and analyzing Raven output - supports visualization and querying of hydrograph, state variable, forcing function, reservoir stage, custom output, model diagnostic, and Ostrich calibration output files. Requires installation of R. The RStudio interface is strongly recommended. The source code is also available via Github. See the RavenR page for details.


(by L. Scantlebury) (May 2020)
An online time series visualization tool for Raven outputs

Grid Weights Generator

(by J. Mai) (Oct 2020)
A python utility for generating Raven grid weights from an HRU shapefile and NetCDF gridded input dataset

Notepad++ Style File

(by J. Craig) (January 2021)
User Defined Language style for editing Raven input files in Notepad++. Applies custom color scheme to comments and keywords.

CaPA Timeseries Extraction Tool

(by A. Werenka) (July 2017)
A Matlab code for extraction time series at a specified latitude-longitude location from grib2-format Canadian Precipitation Analysis (RDPA-CaPA) data, available here. The time series is exported to an excel file (.xlsx format), and readily translated to Raven .rvt format.

Sensitivity Analysis Example

(J. Mai)
Examples on how to apply the Efficient Elementary Effects sensitivity analysis approach of Cuntz et al. (2015) to an example Raven model. The tool can readily be applied to similar models.

Delft FEWS Raven Adapter

An adapter for communicating with a Delft FEWS forecasting environment. Available upon request.