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Raven Hydrological Modelling Framework Version 3.7

Release Date: May-2023
Please download the appropriate executable/manual .zip file, and example/tutorial files if desired.

To keep abreast of model updates, please join the mailing list or our twitter feed:

Version 3.7 Executables (standalone):

Version 3.7 Executables (with NetCDF support):

Raven Example/Tutorial Files:


Source Code

  • Raven v3.7 source code
    Intended for use with Visual Studio Community Edition 2021, but also provided with Windows/linux/unix/MacOS g++ makefile and CMake configuration file. Note unconventional two-space tabbing conventions. If you would like to work with the active development of Raven's core, or access the (open source) development version of the code, you can sign up for SVN access through the CHyMS portal. Please contact us while you're at it - we love to have people helping out.

Archived Versions

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